1v1 Gaming Wear About Us


We live and thrive for that 1v1. We feel the rush of adrenaline right before victory. Whether it's the final moments in-game or practicing for perfection with friends, we will always feel the same thrill of winning. Competition is what connects us as a global community of gamers and the skills we learn make us a better version of ourselves. The rivalry builds camaraderie, and good sportsmanship lays the foundation of our mission to UNITE THE WORLD THROUGH GAMING.

1v1 Wear is a company built by gamers for gamers, and inspired by our favorite games. It all started out of the same garage that we used to 1v1 our online friends. Friends, who we’ve played with for years, but still to this day have never met. That is the power of gaming, it unites like-minded people thousands of miles apart.

At 1v1, we strive to push the boundaries of gaming apparel, combining comfort, fit and function with uncompromised style. We celebrate gamer culture with design-driven lifestyle apparel that transitions perfectly from gaming at home to going out with your friends. Free from changing fashions, 1v1 stands for the gaming lifestyle that remains today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Our mission is to be more than an apparel shop. From the very beginning our intention has been to create a community where gamers can meet to discuss their passion. A social gathering hub for sharing ideas about in-game tactics, physical training, nutrition, mental exercises… And all the other topics related to engaging in gaming and esports on any level.

1v1 is about balancing vigorous competition with the friendships forged through the game. It’s about inspiring the worldwide community of gamers and esports athletes to stand together and support each other. We dress top eSports athletes, novice gamers and everyone in between to UNITE THE WORLD THROUGH GAMING.